About Us

WHO We Are

Dimokuradiyya is one of the best-selling private weekly Hausa newspaper
reaching all the Northern states and the Hausa settlements in the South,
especially Lagos, Ibadan, Onitsha and Porthacourt. Dimokuradiyya is an online
media platform (Hausa Online Newspaper and TV) with many followers,
professionals in the field of media, publicity and also a partner to many
organizations across the country with emphasis on the Northern States.

What We Do

  • Our services address needs in the following area;
    Disseminating information through various social media platforms
  •  Creating and Airing promotional Videos for individuals, Business/Organizational
    and the Government
  •  Creating Jingles and airing them
  •  Publicizing government policies
  •  Provide social Education
  •  Entertainment
  •  Persuasion, Surveillance and Linkage
  •  Socialization.
  •  Social Media Platform Management
  •  Influencer Marketing
  •  Content Creation (Photo, Video, Graphics)
  •  Content Marketing
  •  Online Community Management
  •  Platform Audits, Consulting & Strategy Sessions
  •  Email Marketing.
  •  Give Business consultation services


The beauty of the Nation is Quality Information


Our primary purpose as an organization is to disseminate the right information, build
and nurture a company with the culture of innovation, growth, profitability and
enthusiasm with a mission and corporate responsibility of engineering and supporting
strategic and tactical business responses to the challenges and opportunities posed by
globalization, technology and competition.


As we strive to ensure that we provide the right resources at the right time to maximize
our investors and clients’ business potential, our vision is to be the most trusted and
respected media professional services recognized by our clients for delivering

Core Values

Integrity: Regardless of the consequences, we approach our work with utmost
Pursuit of Excellence: Through passion, creativity and innovation, we continually
strive to exceed the expectations of our people and our clients.
Accountability: We always take responsibility for our individual and collective
Collaboration: We work together to achieve collective and individual goals.
Value Creation: We exist to create value. Our service leads to real benefits for our
Ethics: Our business information including client’s data are sacrosanct. We never
compromise on client data or information. And our work ethics flexibly balanced
for life-work, and rewarding environment for our clients, enabling them to
achieve success.
Knowledge: We base our work on knowledge acquired through our own
experience as well as through that of other media platforms, managers and
practitioners. We continually invest in the development of our in-house
knowledge base and our ability to perform.

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